Criminal Girls 2: Party Favors – Review

Every single time I tell someone what the Criminal Girls franchise is actually about, I see confused faces. Of course, most will get a little bit irritated when you explain that the protagonist of these games appears to be a prison guard who tortures girls to increase their skill levels. Some might be disgusted, others might be entertained. Let’s see if Criminal Girls 2: Party Favors is able to do both.

Prepare your whips!

After countless of hours of sadomasochism in Criminal Girls: Invite Only, it’s finally time to return to the depths of hell in Criminal Girls 2: Party Favors. Like in the first game, your job is to guide seven absolutely gorgeous ladies through the underworld. While traveling through one dungeon after another, you get to know those girls better and better – not only with countless of different and really amusing dialogues, but also by getting familiar with most of their body parts. Since those ladies are criminals, they need to be punished – by no one less than yourself.


Dirty girls need get cleaned

With its touch screen, the PlayStation Vita offers a fun way to motivate the characters. It might sound absolutely ridiculous, but it’s actually pretty entertaining to unlock different skills via slapping or rubbing the girls’ body parts by touching the Vita’s beautiful OLED with its vibrant colors. Even though the mini-games have changed, there’s one thing that hasn’t. It is a fact that you might feel super uncomfortable while playing them on public transport or in front of other people. Why can’t the world appreciate it when I please my waifus?


Are you more S or M?

Besides the weird way of increasing the characters’ skill levels, Criminal Girls 2: Party Favors stays with the first part’s usual round-based battle-system – which is by the way extremely addicting. You are able to attack enemies with four characters, while you still have the possibility to switch between seven of them. Compared to Invite Only, there’s not much that has changed – unfortunately even the Western censorship makes its return. The only significant innovation are the new skill trees. Now you need to decide if you want to equip an S or M skill. S skills offer offensive attacks, while M skills appear to be much more defensive. I think everybody gets what S and M stands for, right?


Choose your waifu!

Let’s move forward to Criminal Girls 2 biggest ASS-et. Party Favors provides players with even more pretty and lovely character designs, which will make you crave for an actual anime adaption of the game itself. Between those seven delinquent beauties, you will definitely be able to find your personal waifu, as every single girl has its very own charm and personalty, ranging from the typical tsundere to the quiet kuudere – and if you are not interested in their personalities, you can still decide between chest sizes.


Too weird to be good?

Criminal Girls 2: Party Favors might not be your typical dungeon crawler, as its unusual skill trees and unique way of character motivation can shock and provoke players in various ways. However, there aren’t many games that are able to hook you the way Party Favors does. Once you’ve started Criminal Girls 2, your Vita will become your constant companion. It’s strange, but fun – I promise.

What we liked:

  • Extremely addicting gameplay
  • Gorgeous waifus
  • More skill variety

What we didn’t like:

  • Almost nothing new
  • Still too embarrassing to play in public



What do you think about Criminal Girl’s Motivation system? Have a played the first part, and enjoyed it? Tell us in the comments, on Facebook, or on Twitter!

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