BioShock: The Collection – Review

The BioShock series, especially the first entry, has been getting a huge amount of praise over the years for how good they convey their narrative, as well as the world they play in. Offering improved versions of all three titles featuring all singleplayer DLC and director commentary, BioShock: The Collection tries to accumulate the success of the whole series. But is diving back into this intricate world worth your time and money?

A Legacy

For those of you who don’t know, BioShock is a series of first-person games that offer a lot of RPG elements and customisation in addition to the regular gun-play of other games in the genre. BioShock 1 and Infinite are easily two of my favourite games of all time. Amazing gameplay paired with an almost unmatched narrative make the series unforgettable for fans. I will always remember my no-vita chamber run on hard in the first game, one of my proudest 100% gamerscore to date. There is a reason this series is so critically acclaimed: delivery of the story, the setting, the music – everything comes together perfectly and offers an experience that still holds up today.


Better than ever

BioShock: The Collection made best efforts to bring the titles up to par for today’s standards. Improved textures and a higher framerate for smoother controls without having to disable V-synch like for the first two games really makes the series shine even brighter. Even though the originals still hold up reasonably well, the convenience plus the improved visuals make this the definitive BioShock experience. Rapture with its underwater theme looks gloomier than ever, while Columbia’s airy skyline may make your heart skip a beat without you having a fear of heights.


Circus of Values

If the originals still hold up, is a collection even necessary? The collection offers great value, since you get all the DLC in addition to the base games, which easily add up to the price of the bundle. Be it for die-hard fans that want to experience the titles once more on newer hardware or people who never played any of the narrative masterpieces that now get the chance to play the improved versions in a definitive singleplayer package, the only real reason not to get BioShock: The Collection is if you have absolutely no desire to (re-)play any of the titles.


A quintessential gaming milestone

Whoever hasn’t played Bioshock yet can’t really get much more incentive than this. BioShock: The Collection offers the perfect opportunity to experience these absolute classics in a definitive way for the first time, as well as the perfect excuse to play them once more in their enhanced forms.

What we liked:

  • Narrative excellence
  • Unbeatable value
  • No more multiplayer achievements
  • Improved visuals and framerate

What we didn’t like:

  • That some people haven’t played BioShock yet
  • Blue ribbon challenges are still an infinite pain in the butt



This review was written using an Xbox One review code provided by 2K. Have you touched the BioShock series before? Which is your favourite title? Tell us in the comments, on Facebook, or on Twitter!

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