Infinite Warfare might mix up the Call of Duty franchise

Activision’s long-running franchise has been getting a lot of critique over the years for its repetition. In this regard, Infinite Warfare might be heading in the right direction with its new space setting packing an astronaut flair.

One campaign mission showcased at gamescom played out on the surface of an asteroid closing in on the sun, spinning in the process. This results in an extreme change in temperature, which sounds like an interesting concept. In actuality though, during the whole presentation this merely meant that the player had to haul ass from door to door if they happen to be on the surface of the asteroid. Let’s hope they play around some more with such and similar gameplay elements, as fans are surely in dire need of some sort of innovation in the series.

Call of Duty games are a blast to play and offer a rollercoaster ride throughout, and I’m sure Infinite Warfare will be no different. Yet, the similarity in terms of structure across the whole franchise make the enjoyment you get from simply watching gameplay as opposed to an actual hands-on not even compare. This makes the fact that none of the Call of Duty titles were playable at gamescom a real shame. Especially with such a mission featuring imminent dread, which was barely conveyed through a gameplay trailer. However, Infinite Warfare shows promise and could mix up the franchise at last.


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