Killing Floor 2 is a slaughter heaven for metal fans

While being in Early Access for a while now, Tripwire Interactive is now really close to introducing the gory sequel to its already bloody predecessor Killing Floor. Based in a sci-fi horror setting with first-person combat, Killing Floor 2 puts you in the shoes of a badass zombie exterminator tasked with slaughtering endless waves of the undead. At gamescom, we had the chance to actually play the simultaneously launching console version of the game.

When you look at the video game market, there are zombie games en masse. Only a few of them achieve to stay in the players minds. While Killing Floor 2 is able to outshine other games in brutality, it holds an even bigger asset: The game’s soundtrack is amazing. Metal fans will certainly recognise some of the featured artists, like the Californian Deathcore and Death Metal band Impending Doom. No single orchestral sound piece was used in the game score – it only consists of heavy riffs and brutal breakdowns. Imagine rhythmically killing off a horde of undead enemies with a katana or railgun, while listening to blast beats or a really motivating breakdown. During playing the game demo in a group of four, I couldn’t stop grinning and moving my head of excitement, unintentionally confusing my team mates. If you now want to listen to the game’s music, you can find the full instrumental soundtrack here.

The premise of Killing Floor 2 is great – instead of imposing a bad story on the players, it’s confident about being a fun game, which should be played in a group. Killing Floor 2 will launch on November 18 this year, and will be available for PlayStation 4, Linux, and PC.


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  • Liebt schwarzen Kaffee und Musik mit Schreierei. Ist Gründungsmitglied, aber trotzdem furchtbar schlecht in kompetitiven Spielen. Besitzt ein lebensgroßes Schlüsselschwert um die Welt vor herzlosen Reviews zu beschützen.

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