For Honor delivers more than just fantastic gameplay

After the reveal of For Honor during last year’s E3, I wasn’t exactly impressed. The idea of mixing three different types of historical fighters felt a bit uninspired. Being a samurai, knight or viking is probably every boy’s dream – and making game out of this dream isn’t exactly creative, if you ask me. At E3 2016, Ubisoft finally presented some actual gameplay footage for the first time. While my male colleagues were completely hyped by the beautiful cinematics alone, I still was left with a bitter aftertaste – which is now gone for sure.


At gamescom, I’ve got to play the singleplayer mode, which allowed me to experience For Honor as a female knight in a middle-age scenery. The mission I’ve had to do was short, intense and delivered one of the most refreshing gameplays I’ve tried in a while. For Honor is not just simple hack and slash – blocking and counterattacks are vital in this game. You have to be extremely precise while slaughtering your enemies. As a knight, it is not exactly easy to move and to be fast, since armor and weapons tend to be quite heavy. Precision is the key, and that’s why I already adore this game to the max. I’m extremely curious what kind of gameplay the other two classes will deliver, but I can’t wait to find out as soon as the game launches. Additionally, I was impressed about the way For Honor presents its story. This game doesn’t live from simple and brutal slaughter elements – it seems like it provides a pretty deep and well-written plot as base of sophisticated mechanics.

With a simple hands-on session, the game was able to completely brainwash me and leave all of my bad first impression behind. I cannot wait to get myself a copy on February 14, 2016, when it launches on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. My boyfriend has to spend Valentine’s Day alone, I guess.


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