H1Z1: King of the Kill sets its goals above the hills

When people hear H1Z1, they most likely will think of the amazing battle royal mode instead of the survival one. During gamescom 2016, Daybreak let us have a look at their improved version of former mode, called King of the Kill.

First off, the new map will be 10×10 km large, hence significantly bigger than the 8×8 km. They also worked on the engine to support better graphics and those blessed with better hardware will definitely notice the difference in texture, light and shadows. Daybreak really listened to its playerbase and are also working on improving the spawnpoints of equipment, so things will be more random and players no longer get ‘bad’ spawns.

Different modes will be added to King of the Kill, for example sniper rifles only, swarming zombies or other gimmicks. Also improving based on player opinions is the access to cosmetics earned or bought in-game. While waiting in the lobby for enough players to join, a few simple clicks will show cosmetics you own and select which one to wear. Leaderboards will also receive a small overhaul, so kills as well as points will be displayed. Last but not least, a Twitch menu will be added in-game, giving streamers and watchers easy access to each other without the need to add somebody on Steam. This option makes it significantly easier for streamers to play some games with subscribers, and allow players to get a quick in-game overview of all available H1Z1 streams with just one click.

How things turn out in the end is yet to be seen, but this type of gameplay surely is unique and given how close Daybreak works with the players, I say there’s very few to worry about. Here’s a quick look at H1Z1: King of the Kill, which is set to launch September 20, 2016.


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