Black Desert – After the great desert comes the great sea

Black Desert – a MMO title that I looked up to in awe when I first saw the character creation and the sandbox elements. I dare anybody to find a game with a more in-depth character creation. During this year’s gamescom, Kakao Games gave us some insight on the planned content patches and expansions ahead.

First off, the lands of Mediah and Valencia both received an expansion, and with it new mechanics like the survival system. In the desert, players need to keep their characters hydrated or they suffer from dehydration in form of damage and debuffs. Each class will get an additional weapon type via the new Awakening System, which functions like a second specialization. Warriors for example can now use a greatsword and sorceresses a scythe. This will alter the way a class plays greatly and provide many classes with the versatility they needed.

Additionally, they talked about the expansion featuring the great Magoria sea. This one will feature a lot of content: Boats, trading posts, naval combat, deep sea treasures and even guild build warships are some of the additions to the game. The sea itself looks amazing and unlike other sea-focused games it is riddled with rough waves and underwater reefs. Players are able to participate in guild-wide efforts to build a warship and hunt down a boss monster strolling through the sea, or can simply go for a dive to look for treasure.

All in all, the upcoming content seems to be crafted with as much care as the core game was, which makes me anticipate the future of Black Desert Online even more. Naval combat is expected to hit live servers in Q4 of this year.


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