Turtle Beach aims its upcoming line-up at pro gamers and streamers

With its strong focus on virtual reality, 2016’s gamescom featured a lot of shiny and precious pieces of new hardware. The product line that appealed to me the most, however, was definitely Turtle Beach’s. With a bunch of new headsets and other products, Turtle Beach presented a line-up not only for hobby gamers, but also for those who aim to be pro.

To be honest, I’m not a fan of headsets – especially because I usually wear glasses while gaming. It can really hurt wearing huge headphones over the temples of your glasses. Additionally, my ears always turn super hot, and make my head look like giant tomato after some time. No, I’m definitely not a fan of headsets, but after I’ve seen Turtle Beach’s Elite Pro Headset, I think I should get rid of my earbuds and give this new gaming gear a chance. This headset delivers passive noise isolation with cooling comfort, and yes, it feels absolutely amazing. Cold ears, and a non-sweaty head are almost everything I’ve hoped for – but there’s still this super annoying problem with wearing glasses. Fortunately, the Elite Pro Headset offers even for this issue the perfect answer. The headset features the patented ProSpecs Glasses Relief System, a moderating ear cushion pressure especially designed to hide the temples of your glasses. Sounds perfect, right? The non-wireless headset’s current price of $199.95 might hit you hard, but comfort and quality always come with a higher price tag.

Anyway, there was one of Turtle Beach’s products that really caught my attention. As a streamer, I was really looking forward to take a closer look at their very first streaming microphone. The Turtle Beach Stream Mic is not only for PC, but also for those who want to live stream from their console. Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are fully compatible by simply hitting a switch – and even Mac will be supported by this hardware. But the use of this microphone is not only limited to video game streaming. Since I’m planning to do more videos and projects that involve difficult audio constellations, the microphone allows me to easily record podcasts or other audio sessions – it might even be of use in your next video call at work. The product features adaptive mic patterns and fully customizable software, while the headphone output provides precise monitoring. If you are a streamer like myself or tend to start live streaming, you can get the Stream Mic for only 99,99$ upcoming October.

Stream Mic Turtle Beach

With their current and future line-up, Turtle Beach seem to be heading towards the direction of supporting pro players more, while also providing affordable and easy solutions for casual players who value comfort. Be sure to stay tuned for some in-depht coverage later this year.


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