Forza Horizon 3 takes the outback racing even further beyond

Forza Horizon 3 continues the popular formula of being a more “arcade-ish” approach to the main series. This time the game takes us to the outback of Australia, while the player will be in charge of the festival taking place. At gamescom, Creative Director Ralph Fulton gave us some old and new footage of the current build of the game and some insight about the development.

First off, the game looks amazing. Car and environment details are extraordinarily detailed. So much, that they even had cameras set up in Australia to capture entire cycles of weather just to insert them into the game. Also, they tinkered on the different car handlings to keep it as realistic as possible, meaning that every car will feel different while driving in the outback. As expected, a new car type will join the horizon squad. The buggy, which is perfectly equipped for the rough roads of Australia.

With the addition of a drone mode, spectating and recording race highlights is easier than ever and gives the player more options in creating those highlights. The game will launch with 350 cars available and many events planned for the future where players can acquire even more. What’s more to say? The game looks amazing, controls very well and has even more content than the last horizon title. Racing fans should definitely  keep an eye out for this Xbox One exclusive when it launches September 27 of this year.


Whats the first thing you’re going to drive in the Australian outback? What is your favorite Forza game? Tell us in the comments, on Facebook, or on Twitter!

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