Civilization VI compels you to take one more turn

When I think about Civilization games, I think of 3 A.M. moments of existential dread, hammering the next turn button and getting ready for the dawn of war. Usually, I’m met with shock when Gandhi launches a nuke and I’m completely unprepared. It’s great fun, and the sixth instalment only makes it that much better.

In my short but sweet meeting at this year’s gamescom, a Firaxis lead developer told me about the cities un-stacking, the all-new civics tree, and the fancy religious victory that’s been added to the game. In the fifth instalment, I guess you could say that religious victory was pretty much all but there, so it’s great to see it finally being incorporated into the next title.

One of my favourite things was the way the leaders interacted with you. They’ve been updated to look absolutely stunning in Civilization VI, and there’s a new range of features implemented to expand the diplomacy between Civs. They will now denounce with reason, and react dynamically to your actions.

The way units stack with each other, say when a barbarian takes a worker, has also been changed. They now stand in the same tile and are linked, which helps with the flow of the game. Trade routes are also laid by the unit itself, adding a bit more danger to the practice of generating commerce, and adding a need to bolster defence around your trade routes.

It was also explained that each leader was being developed in a balanced manner so that they have distinct victories tied to their play style. Hopefully this will allow for a more strategic level of gameplay, and add a definitive historic feeling of controlling some of the greatest civilizations the world has ever known.

For me at least, they didn’t have to add much to the game for me to pick it up, so to see they’re making logical bold changes to the formula is even more exciting. Get ready for Civilization VI when it hits stores on October 21, 2016.


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