Calling All Units brings cops and robbers to The Crew

Debuted at gamescom, Ubisoft showcased the latest expansion pack to their driving franchise The CrewCalling All Units brings cops and robbers to the game, and makes the driving gameplay even more fun and exciting.

The short demo I played had me on both sides. The cops are armed with a helicopter and a power-up that slows down criminals. The goal is to get close to the crooks, and if you can stay there for around ten seconds you will successfully make the arrest. The robbers are similarly armed with flash bangs and an unlimited boost setting that lets you speed to your heart’s content.

The gameplay is dynamic, and can be started from pretty much anywhere on the map. The range of new vehicles being added has also been sourced by the community itself. It’s clear that Ubisoft wants to make this game better for the players with tons of new features. You can play it for yourself in November, when Ubisoft releases the pack with the combined Ultimate Edition for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, which contains all of the DLC seen so far.


Will you be picking up the Ultimate Edition of The Crew? How did you like the base game? Tell us in the comments, on Facebook, or on Twitter!

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