PlayStation knows how to impress with their upcoming blockbusters

At last week’s gamescom we were treated to an hour-long presentation of the best of what’s to come for Sony’s current gaming platform PlayStation 4. Here’s some highlights from the show, and all the new details you should be getting excited for.

Days Gone

The first game on show at the cinema was the first console game from Bend Studio since Syphon Filter, Days Gone. This game is about a dystopian, zombie-filled future where you play as Deacon St. John, a bounty hunter attempting to survive in a world filled with ‘Freakers’, evolved creatures that can take various forms.

The demo we were shown was the same one as at E3, but played live in front of us. A few things differed including the use of various environmental hotspots to stop the zombie horde including saw blades and huge bundles of logs. The game looks just as exciting as it did back then, and a second viewing made me appreciate that this was definitely an open-world game. It draws a lot from Naughty Dog’s The Last Of Us, in that its dynamic crafting system is very similar as well as the animations and tone.

Despite this, it seems to be adapting such inspirations into an open-world space. We were shown a motorbike that Deacon can use to explore the large map, as well as fuel gauges and items to collect that give credence to a more expanded world than the demo would suggest.

Horizon: Zero Dawn


Horizon: Zero Dawn‘s setting continues to amaze me. There’s something so beautiful about the mecha animals on show, and the way society in the future has adapted to an almost neolithic landscape with futuristic tech.

The demo we were shown had Aloy (punny name, right?) traversing the open world of the game. We saw her collecting scrap from enemies, hijacking a turtle creature for his loot, and tracking and riding a mecha moose using her embedded technology. It was incredibly promising to see, and you could tell that there was a much grander experience hiding behind the vertical slice we saw at E3.

Expect trading, tribal conflict and a cacophony of cool weapons when the game hits shelves in February.

Detroit: Become Human

maxresdefault (1)

Detroit: Become Human could rest on its creators fine history of beautiful narrative-driven games. One look at Beyond: Two Souls or Heavy Rain and you can see the incredible talent poured into Quantic Dream titles. Regardless, I’m here to tell you that it does just that and more.

The demo we were treated to, presented by Co-CEO Guillaume de Fondaumière was an absolute triumph. The same situation as E3, but diversified by audience input and a deeper explanation of the controls. A few of my favourite things explained by Guillaume were the percentage success rating, which adapts to your movements and the evidence you find in each scene.

He also spoke about the fact that Connor is merely just one of the characters you play as in Detroit, much like the previous title Heavy Rain. You may remember Kara from the 2012 tech demo, who will also be a playable character. The setting of this game is a semi-automated future where androids do the menial service jobs. This allows for a more creative society, but also rampant unemployment and splinter groups on both sides. Rogue androids known as Deviants are starting to become self-aware of their programming and emotions, and becoming irrational. This is the basis for the demo, where Connor must save a young girl’s life held hostage by their household android, who’s afraid of being replaced by a better model.

We were shown how inspecting the daughter’s computer/headphones could dramatically change your chances, and give you that extra piece of dialogue to save a life. It was also stressed that you can fail missions, with resolute effects on the over-arching story. Main playable characters can even die if you make the wrong decision. All in all, the game stole me from the first minute, and I can’t wait to play it when it finally comes out next year.


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