How to get Pokémon GO on iOS in any region

Pokémon GO has rolled out in select regions. If you are part of the unlucky ones that live in a country where the app is technically not yet available, fret not! Installing the AR game shouldn’t take longer than a couple of minutes with the help of the following steps. You will need an email address that is not yet associated to an Apple ID.

  1. Log out of your existing Apple ID in the iTunes store on your iPhone.
  2. Now start creating an Apple ID in the iTunes store and choose New Zealand in the region select. (After that it should load the New Zealand AppStore)
  3. Search for Pokémon GO by Niantic, Inc. and try to download it (at this point you shouldn’t be logged in with any Apple ID)
  4. Select “Create an account”. Once again Choose New Zealand, but this time finish the creation process, you should be able to select “none” as a payment method. (This way no credit card information has to be given)
  5. After Apple ID is setup and verified you can just download the game.

Now it’s your time to finally start your journey with Nintendo’s newest app. Gotta catch ’em all!



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