HintHunt Vienna – Escaping under the sea

You’re tired of repeating the same old activities with your friends and family? Seeing a movie or going out doesn’t meet your expectations of having a great time with your beloved ones? Then you might consider challenging yourself with an escape game, which combines the nature of old point-and-click video games with an authentic real life escape situation. HintHunt is just one of many examples of the success of these activities, offering visitors in groups of three to five people a one-of-a-kind pastime. Founder Steven Kuhn invited us to take a look at his newly established branch in our hometown Vienna.

Vienna is the perfect city to launch HintHunt in Central Europe.

Since HintHunt has achieved great success in many different countries all over the world, it was only a matter of time for the popular escape game to come to Austria’s capital. Besides being located in the heart of Europe, Vienna is also a city both historic and on the edge of new trends. Another important factor for HintHunt’s decision to open up a new branch, is the city’s massive corporate presence of international firms, allowing groups of co-workers to test and strengthen their teamwork abilities. Exactly this perspective made us curious, so we approached this chance with huge expectations. Suddenly, we found ourselves in a locked submarine, forced to solve all kinds of riddles and puzzles within a mere hour to escape our shared prison. In terms of authenticity, atmosphere and from a technical level it was very pleasant and unique. The thrill of being locked in a room with a group of friends was simply amazing, forcing communication and cooperation in order to find the one way to freedom.

HintHunt Submarine

Completing one of the missions and escaping one of our rooms requires great teamwork, exacting observation, problem-solving skills, and effective communication, all are essential in order to not only beat the clock, but to complete the mission.

HintHunt has to deal with a lot of the same problems as a virtual room escape would and with some that are bound to happen in a real environment. From time to time, puzzles have to be obscure and convoluted in order to challenge your mind, but this can lead to being stuck at one point or another. HintHunt counters this by assigning you a supervisor that checks on you progress and gives hints through a display if he or she finds necessary. Yet, the hints were at no point too specific to take away from the fun. Finding the balance between the amount of items necessary to solving a puzzle and “distractions” is by no means an easy task, since too much object that distract from the solutions can lead to confusion. HintHunt managed this balance pretty well, and when needed, hints would clear the mental fog again. There was no point at which we interpreted way too much in a useless prop, leading to time lost, which speaks for the room design.

HintHunt Controls

“HintHunt is the instant adventure, bringing the human factor into the mission and escape game world.”

No matter if with friends, family, or colleagues – HintHunt is a blast. It offers two scenarios in the submarine setting and with a whole new room on schedule releasing soon there is something to come back to when you do enjoy your initial visit. If you’re looking for a clever way to connect with people, sixty minutes couldn’t be spent more wisely.


Have you tried any room escape games? Is there a specific setting you would like to see for a future room? Tell us in the comments, on Facebook, or on Twitter! You want to visit HintHunt yourself? Use the code “Shinigaming” to get a 20% discount on a booking for five people.

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