Yo-Kai Watch & Star Fox Zero – Preview

Last week, Nintendo Austria invited us to their headquarters, so we can get an early look at the upcoming titles Yo-kai Watch and Star Fox Zero. As fans of both franchises, we don’t want to miss the chance to give you a short overview about what you can expect of both games.

Yo-kai Watch

Despite being compared to Pokémon all the time, Yo-kai Watch actually doesn’t resemble it that much. Aside from collecting different little creatures, the game has a unique non turn-based battle system, and you actually befriend Yokai rather than catching them. Instead of getting mauled by Ratatas in the first patch of grass, Yokai are usually hidden in trees or other objects in small areas, while looking for them is half the fun. So if a comparison had to be made, Digimon would make more sense, since Yokai also possess the ability to speak.


There is an overwhelming attention to detail, and even older players will find a decent challenge and enjoyment, so definitely keep an eye on this title.

ShinigamingStar Fox Zero

Star Fox is back, and it took him long enough, right? Veterans should feel at home immediately – tight controls, fast-paced dogfights and a lot of barrel rolls. That said, the Wii U-Pad motion control is something one has to get used to, but fortunately you are able to center the crosshair at any time to reposition yourself without doing a backflip.


Amiibos unlock different ships including the original polygon mess, which blends in surprisingly well. Nintendo added a lot of other new features, but was still able to keep the spirit of the old games which is what the developer always does best.


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