Japanese Pokémon Centers introduce new Ditto plushies

Remember the Pokémon episode Ditto’s Mysterious Mansion? Soon you’ll have the rare chance to get a bunch of super cute Pokémon plushies with Ditto’s signature smiling face, since the new merchandise line will hit Japanese stores on April 2, 2016. There are plenty of reasons for travelling to Japan – and the Pokémon company just gave us another one. Pokémon Center, here we come.


For people looking for a smaller-sized doll, or a little gift from your vacation, there are also keychain versions in production. Now you just have to decide for one of these adorable Dittos – or do you?

Pokémon Ditto Plushie Keychain


Have you ever visited a Pokémon Center in Japan? Which of these plushie versions is your favourite, and why is it Charmander? Tell us in the comments, on Facebook, or on Twitter!

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