Steaming Steam Pile #2 – METAL SLUG

The sheer amount of games available on Steam is ever growing and can be quite overwhelming when you are trying to make sense of the mess. Have you ever heard about Metal Slug? Steaming Steam Pile is our new series where we look for lesser-known games for a couple of bucks on Steam and share our thoughts about them.

Take two: Metal Slug

Take Contra, add more fluid gameplay, gorgeous 2D sprites and mix in a fair share of Madness. Out comes Metal Slug, easily one of the best 2D sidescroll-shoot ’em ups ever made. Once only available for Neo-Geo, Metal Slug is now also playable without tossing dozens of precious coins into a greedy arcade machine or owning an ancient video game system. If a Steam Sale is up keep an eye out for this great mess.


How do you like this new series? Have you ever heard of or played Metal Slug before? Tell us in the comments, on Facebook, or on Twitter!

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