Steaming Steam Pile #1 – 100% Orange Juice

The sheer amount of games available on steam is ever growing and can be quite overwhelming when you are trying to make sense of the mess. Steaming Steam Pile is our new series where we look for lesser-known games for a couple of bucks on Steam and share our thoughts about them.

This time we chose 100% Orange Juice, a Japanese digital board game with trading card elements, which was extraordinarily cheap in the latest Steam Sale. And yes, we went for the game with the stupidest name. Here are your two minutes of fame, 100% Orange Juice.


How do you like this new series? Have you ever heard of 100% Orange Juice before? Tell us in the comments, on Facebook, or on Twitter!

  • Leidenschaftlicher Pokémon-Breeder, der in jedem Spiel einen Exploit findet. Führt gern hitzige Diskussionen über "wichtige" Themen. Der Felser in der Brandung unserer Redaktion.

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