Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth – Beginner’s Guide

With almost 100 hours of content and 240 collectable creatures, Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth has a lot of things to offer. There are a lot of decisions to be made, whether regarding your party constellation, or the right way to train your Digimon. These little tips help you to get a quick overview about important facts and provide you with an easier start into the game.

Your starter doesn’t matter

While the game provides you with one of three starter Digimon – Terriermon, Palmon, and Hagurumon – this decision doesn’t really matter, as each of the Digimon will be acquirable during the game. Simply choose your preferred starter and exchange it as soon as you find a Digimon that fits your team better. Just don’t grow too attached to your very first critter, as evolutions can branch widely. If you want to know more about the possible digivolutions of these three or other Digimon, simply visit our full Digivolution Guide.

Types do matter

Your dream Digimon team probably consists of Greymon, Garurumon, or other ones of the original anime’s main partners. However, these are most likely to be of the Vaccine type, offering too little variation to be viable in battle. The three big types are Vaccine, Virus, and Data. Make sure to have at least one of each of these types in your team. Added elemental variation is also nice to have.

Vaccine Data Virus

Grinding is bad for you

I know, you can’t wait to get your shiny Mega Digimon, but I wouldn’t recommend grinding in the first few chapters. Your party size is limited to the data size of 20, allowing you to only have two Champion level Digimon with you. While progressing through the story, you will pick up Memory UPs to enhance the size of your memory by one. Thus, you should look out carefully for items you can pick up in dungeons. Finishing story missions does also award you with a Memory UP sometimes. If you want to grind effectively later in the game, you can use this amazing method.

Not like the anime

In Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth, digivolution works slightly different compared to the anime. While Palmon was only able to digivolve into Lillymon in the anime, now there are multiple options for you. Moreover, some Digimon require a certain CAM or ABI level to digivolve. To get a better overview of you digivolution possibilities and the required stats, visit our Digivolution Guide.

What is CAM? What is ABI?

Besides the normal stats, which are pretty straight forward, Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth features two additional, very important stat types. CAM shows you the friendship level of your Digimon and can be enhanced by using them actively in battle. Performing combos gives you an additional boost, but 100% CAM should be reachable very quickly. ABI, on the other hand, is very hard to raise. This stat type only increases when digivolving or de-digivolving and is influenced by the level of the Digimon while doing so.

Digimon Cyber Sleuth MetalGreymon Combat

Giving 200 percent

As opposed to Pokémon, there’s no need to catch Digimon. By facing them in battle, you raise your scan rate. The higher the scan rate, the higher the abilities (including the ABI) of a Digimon will be. Always make sure to only DigiConvert when the scan rate is at full 200%, even though Digimon can also be converted with a mere 100%.

Missable trophies?

Here’s one for the completionists. While playing through the campaign of Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth, you don’t have to worry about trophies except for one. After reaching Chapter 4, be careful to not miss the character Victory Uchida. Everytime you speak to him, he will give you unique items, allowing you to get the Legendary Medal Collector trophy, which requires you to get all Digimon medals.

Victory Uchida

Here are the spots where you can find Victory Uchida in each chapter:

  • Chapter 04/05: Shibuya, In front of Tower Records store. Receive Ninja USB.
  • Chapter 06: Nakano Broadway 3F, northeast of the escalator. Receive Toughness Mushroom and Daemon Medal.
  • Chapter 07: Coulomb Lv. 4, southwest side of the second map. Receive Researcher USB.
  • Chapter 08: Tokyo New Government Office lobby, bottom left corner. Receive Mental Melon and Barbamon Medal.
  • Chapter 09: Nakano Broadway 3F, next to the stairs. Receive CAM USB.
  • Chapter 10: Eden Free Area. Receive Powerful Pineapple and Lilithmon medal.
  • Chapter 11: Nakano Underground Tunnel. Receive Billionaire USB.
  • Chapter 13: Asakusa. Receive Guard Apple and Leviamon medal.
  • Chapter 14: Central Hospital lobby. Receive Large Capacity USB.
  • Chapter 15: Nakano Broadway 3F. Receive Intellect Carrot and Beelzemon medal.
  • Chapter 16: Shibuya, inside Tower Records store. Receive Panic Barrier DX.
  • Chapter 17: Akihabara. Receive Acceleration Banana, Belphemon SM medal and Belphemon RM medal.
  • Chapter 19: Shinjuku, shopping district area. Receive Tactician USB.
  • Chapter 20: Odaiba roof, the bottom right side. Receive Miracle Meat, Lucemon medal, Lucemon SM medal and Lucemon FM medal.


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