Oculus Rift’s retail price and launch date announced

The virtual reality headgear Oculus Rift, which was desperately awaited by VR enthusiast all around the world, finally gets a release date and an official price tag. In fact, you can pre-order the retail version right now at the company’s website.

The package ships in April and also includes the two games EVE: Valkyrie and Lucky’s Tale. As the Oculus Touch controllers have been delayed to the second half of 2016, Oculus added one Xbox One Wireless Controller instead.

The retail version ships for $599 and is limited to one product per customer. The company’s online store seems to receive an enormous flood of traffic, so it might become quite a challenge to order a unit.


What do you think of the Oculus Rift’s price tag? Are you going to order one for yourself? Tell us in the comments, or on Facebook!

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  • Abhishek

    May be 1440p for me , then 4k ! VR is a distant thing here !

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