Logitech G933 – Review

This fall, Logitech has released their new series of gaming headsets. Contrary to their former products, which were specifically designed for gaming purposes, these headsets are intended to accompany you around your whole house and focus much more on general audio quality and usability. Does the Logitech G933 deliver enough to stand out in this perspective?

Wonderful surround sound

The first thing you might notice about the G933 is its massive body. With its over-ear style, it’s designed to be comfortable to wear during long gaming sessions. At first it seems to fit perfectly, but after some time it puts a considerable amount of pressure on your head, forcing you to take a little break. Also, when I was playing on PlayStation 4, I was using glasses, which increased the aforementioned pressure significantly. However, standing through some aches was totally worth it, as the headset delivers an outstanding sound experience. When I was playing Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, I even preferred using the G933 over my beloved 2.1 Onkyo sound system.

Logitech G933

Shiny and impressive

With 16.8 million colours, Logitech provides the player with sheer endless customisation options. Those are only available to Windows users, which sadly seems to be the standard way to go for Logitech products. By using the software, however, you can experiment a lot and create your very own experience, especially when you also own a matching keyboard. Being chased by cops in Need for Speed gets a lot more intense when your whole environment flashes in an alerting red.

Logitech G933 RGB

Which system do you prefer?

The Logitech G933 can either be connected wirelessly with your PC or Mac, or wired with your PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or smartphone. Thus, it’s extremely easy to use it for multiple purposes. The included cord measures 1.5 meters, which is long enough to not interfere with your gaming experience. When used wirelessly, you have to recharge it after a full day of gaming if used without the flashy shenanigans, which can reduce the battery life to eight hours. My sample didn’t run out of battery at all, as I charged it after each of my longer gaming sessions.

Logitech G933 Usability

A clear experience?

Personally, I just love to listen to music in-between some multiplayer matches or other gaming breaks, and this is possibly where Logitech’s new headset shines the least. It knows exactly how to make an action scene sound impressive, but fails to display nice beats accordingly. Even though the sound quality of music isn’t exactly a blast, I genuinely enjoyed streaming with the G933. Despite listening to music via my computer boxes, there was no interference with the audio quality of my voice, since the noise-cancelling works like a charm and shielded all the output of my system. The adjustable microphone deliveres a quite impressive performance for its size in general. Sure, you can’t expect the quality to match a full-fledged desktop microphone, but your friends will certainly understand your commands much better after the upgrade to the G933.

Logitech G933 Microphone

A companion for every purpose

For people who play on multiple systems, the Logitech G933 offers a great and flexible solution. With stylish customisation options and a lot of software to play around with, Windows users will certainly get the most out of this headset. If you are a user of a single system which is not PC, there are probably some better and more specifically designed solutions out there. Yet, the Logitech G933 stands out as one of the best wireless allrounders on the current headset market.

What we liked:

  • Exciting design
  • Vast customization possibilities
  • Great microphone quality
  • Long-lasting battery life

What we didn’t like:

  • Lacklustre music quality
  • Uncomfortable pressure
  • Exclusive Windows software



The Logitech G933 is available for $199.99 (US), ₤169.99 (UK), or €199.99 (EU).

This review was written by using a headset provided by Logitech Germany. What are your thoughts about the G933? Are you planning on getting it? Tell us in the comments, or on Facebook!

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