Vienna Comic Con 2015 – When nerdy joy meets poor execution

With Vienna Comic Con, Austria tries to tie on to one of the most successful international convention franchises, and shows that there are countless of people in the heart of Europe who have a slight interest in the geek culture and other nerdy hobbies. Was VIECC able to keep up with similar events, or should you better attend comic conventions outside of Austria?

High ticket prices for high class entertainment?

Unfortunately, there aren’t many positive things to say about Vienna’s first Comic Con. Although we are talking about one of the smallest Comic Cons in Europe, it was still the one with the highest ticket prices. As a guest, I would expect a lot for such a ridiculous amount of money. The convention area was incredibly small, and the exhibitors felt pretty randomly chosen. I’m glad that I’m now also able to sign up for my driver’s license at a comic convention beside buying merchandise. Walking through the extremely narrowed location wasn’t as easy as you might think. The only thing that was even more troublesome than the lack of space was the super annoying loud music from the booths, which made it impossible to talk to someone.

Vienna Comic Con Young Justice

Even the guests, who most of the attendees were looking forward to meet, were not as special as many of us hoped for. As someone who visits similar events all over Europe, I have to admit that VIECC was not able to keep up with the variety of stars from other conventions. The panels of several guests were way too short and poorly organized, and maybe only interesting for those who were die-hard friends of their franchises. Additionally, some visitors complained about the high prices of photos and personal signs, which were actually pretty normal for this kind of event.

Vienna Comic Con Judges

Cosplaying star guests were definitely better chosen, since LeeAnna Vamp and Leon Chiro are two of the most popular international cosplayers of our time. It was only a shame that just one of the cosplay competition’s judges was an actual experienced cosplayer.

A competition worth a try?

When it comes to the Championships of Cosplay, VIECC did an absolutely horrible job. Participants who were obviously ridiculously talented couldn’t make it into the first round of the competition, while others who were not so skilled made it. However, the presentation of the contest itself was a disaster. The host of the championships was probably one of the most unprofessional entertainers I have ever seen. A person, who’s not able to pronounce Futurama right, should probably not work for a comic convention.

Vienna Comic Con Host

Each time a contestant came up on stage, the completely unfitting music became extremely loud and made it impossible to understand what the cosplayers and even the horrible host were saying. But the last straw that breaks the camel’s back was the nomination of the anime category’s winners. I wouldn’t say that those ladies had no skills, but even they looked completely confused when the host announced their wins.

Vienna Comic Con Championships

Anyway, even more questionable is the participation of so many not-Austrian contestants. Vienna Comic Con announced that the winner would go to the finals at C2E2 in Chicago as Austrian’s very own participant. Unfortunately, someone from Germany will take part in the finals as Austria’s representative. Yes, this guy’s Transformer costume was definitely the best, but why is there no rule in the guidelines that requires an Austrian nationality like other conventions do?

Maybe next year

Altogether, the first Vienna Comic Con was definitely a lead balloon. It would have been better to save money for visiting future German events, which have obviously cheaper ticket prices and way more interesting star guests and panels. Hopefully, VIECC will learn from its mistakes and organize the second one, which will be held on the 19th and 20th of November 2016, way better.

ShinigamingThe pictures in this article were provided by greencat. How did you like Vienna’s first Comic Con? Did you enjoy it more than other Austrian conventions? Tell us in the comments, on Facebook, or on Twitter!

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