10 Anime you should watch this Halloween

When Halloween is around the corner, every TV channel switches over to spooky movies or special horror episodes of your favorite series. Anime fans, who mainly consume their media through the internet, might have a problem to get in the right mood. Here’s a list of scary anime you could watch with your friends on a cuddly yet intense Halloween night.

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

Since the huge success of the average anime adaption of Elfenlied, otakus and weeaboos know that the combination of gore and cute girls can be absolutely entertaining. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, also known as When They Cry, proves that flat-chested moe girls are able to give you more goose bumps than any other slasher. With its creepy soundtrack, psychotic characters and completely confusing plot, this highly praised anime series is definitely a must-watch for this year’s Halloween.

ShinigamingAyakashi: Japanese Classic Horror


Japan is known for its extremely scary horror stories, so why not giving some classic ghost tales a chance on this year’s Halloween? Ayakashi: Japanese Classic Horror offers a collection of three different classical Japanese ghost stories with three completely different art styles. From the betrayed wife who tries to seek vengeance even after her death to the popular story of the Bakeneko, Ayakashi is definitely something for friends of classic horror. However, if it doesn’t scare you enough, at least its amazing animation and soundtrack will probably blow your mind.


Blood: The Last Vampire


If you’re looking for a mysterious atmosphere and a rather short experience, you should take a look at Blood: The Last Vampire. This 48-minute movie was directed by Hiroyuki Kitakubo, who is also known for his work on Ghost in the Shell, and is about the vampire hunter Saya, slaying demons on an airfield. The story might leave some questions unanswered, but the glorious visuals are certainly worth the trip.

ShinigamingAku no Hana

aku no hana

Maybe it isn’t exactly what we might call horror, but if there’s an anime series that gives you the creeps, then it’s definitely Aku no Hana. It is unbelievable that such a totally not scary thing like stealing a girl’s gym clothes can become such a terrific psychotic scenario. Need something crazy for Halloween? Then you should probably take a closer look at The Flowers of Evil.

ShinigamingHighschool of the Dead

highschool of the dead

Nothing can go wrong with zombies on Halloween, right? So why not combine the undead with a ridiculous amount of fan service? Maybe all the ecchiness lightens the horror mood of Highschool of the Dead a little bit too much. But you can’t deny that this anime series offers one of the best and most simple sorts of entertainment in anime history.

ShinigamingHellsing OVA

hellsing ova

It’s funny that one of the most banal vampire anime series of all time has actually eight brilliant OVA episodes to offer. You should probably give the TV series a wide berth, since the OVA has everything the actual series has lacked of. With its charismatic characters, fantastic soundtrack and diverting plot, the Hellsing OVA provides much more than just only gory Halloween amusement.

ShinigamingPerfect Blue

perfect blue

The mother of psychotic anime should definitely be your first choice when it comes to creepy movies on Halloween night. Perfect Blue is just another one of masterpieces that proves that anime genius Satoshi Kon will never be forgotten. However, be prepared for 90 minutes full of intensity, since Perfect Blue is definitely nothing for people with bad nerves.

ShinigamingVampire Hunter D: Bloodlust

vampire hunter d

If you are looking for a vampire story which relies on a more classical style, then go ahead and give yourself up to Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust on this year’s Halloween. Compared to the first movie, this adaption of the popular light novel takes you into a dark and gloomy fantasy world that really takes advantage of the vampire genre’s basics we all love.



Blood, tears, and even more blood await you while watching Berserk. The probably most depressing anime of all time offers watchers not only exorbitant gore scenes, it also shows you the creepiest monsters you might have ever seen, which should definitely be able to enrich a scary anime night. Anyway, be aware of the fact that its final episode might ruin your whole week.

ShinigamingCorpse Party: Tortured Souls

corpse party

Maybe Corpse Party doesn’t offer a brilliant story or marvelous animations, but the anime presents one scary gore scene after another. If you are trying to find something to watch during Halloween while still having a nice talk with your friends, turn on Corpse Party in the background. At least it provides the scariest environment ever.


Which anime series do you like to watch on Halloween? What do you think is the scariest anime ever created? Tell us in the comments, on Facebook, or on Twitter!

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