Disgaea 5 – Beginner’s Guide & Tips

The Disgaea series can be hard for newcomers as well as for veterans, and this hasn’t changed with Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance. Therefore, we want to provide you with some basic tips for an easier way into this extraordinarily long and sometimes confusing game.

Buying weapons is totally fine

Feel free to buy the best weapons for your characters in the early game. I often hesitate to spend money in RPGs, as I assume to get good weapons anyway. However, Disgaea won’t provide you with any useful drops before you can enter the later unlocked item world. Furthermore, it is important for the characters to have the best equipment possible to deal lethal damage and level up accordingly, especially when you’re not far into the game.

Equipping your characters

Items have different rarities, which you can examine in the menu. If you equip two items of the same rarity, your character will receive a small but nice bonus. Always make sure to equip suitable weapons for your character. They should have a weapon proficiency of at least rank B to deal a considerable amount of damage.

Classes to auto-include

Obviously, each team should have at least one healer. Male magicians are the best magic users you can hire, always have them in your team to reach certain enemies standing above the ground. Archers are also a great addition as they can attack multiple times and thus level up quickly.

Prinnies are your friends, dood!

Don’t be afraid to use your Prinnies as weapons with magichange, since they won’t die from this like they would from throwing them. Prinnies might be trash in the beginning, but get really strong in the late game. Plus, Prinnies are fun, dood!

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Towering is really overpowered

You can not only tower your characters to throw them, you can also form towers to make your attacks deadlier. That’s a good way to level up your weaker characters as well, since all parts of the tower receive experience equally, whereas only the bottom one will receive damage. Make sure to place your characters from strong at the bottom to weak on the top and get ready to inflict huge amounts of damage, which is really helpful when you have trouble fighting bosses. Towering ten characters will lead to a powerful Tower Laser S-rank attack. This move deals damage independent from the level of the individual characters forming the tower, so it’s a nice opportunity to save yourself from dying in a high-level dungeon.

Be careful with the skills

You can enhance your skills in the pocket Netherworld by using mana – which is a different thing than SP. Use your skills in combat as often as possible to improve them while they are unenhanced and can be spammed easily, as healing SP at the hospital won’t cost you that much money. Afterwards, with a better SP stat, it is more logical to enhance your skills to improve them further.

Mana Lover

Evilities, a combination of evil and ability, grant you amazing bonuses like increased experience or attack. Yet, it will cost you lots of Mana, which is only acquired slowly. Make sure to unlock the evility Many Lover first to get a persistent Mana boost of 50 percent, which will function as a great base for unlocking other ones.

Risky Item World

Avoid random encounters in the Item World. Multiple approaches of shop keepers and other NPCs could trigger special events. You probably don’t want to face these situations. That’s just one reason why you should always bring Mr. Gency Exit on your Item World journey.

Mastery exploit

Lucky boards are exploitable in the Item World. You won’t be able to destroy it unless you can deal as much damage as their HP are. Therefore, you can greatly improve your mastery on this occasion. Just trap the lucky board in the middle of all your fighters and attack them to not only enhance their mastery but also receive better prices at the end of the stage. Improving class mastery will help you to conclude quests to receive a wider range of recruitable classes. For further explanation on this technique check out the video below.


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