Bikini Warriors – Review

An anime doesn’t necessarily need episodes of 25 minutes to make a statement or leave an impression. Also it’s not required to base a series on a manga or novel. Hobby Japan wanted to produce more than just figures and collaborated with Studio Feel to have their 3D Bikini Warriors figures turned into 2D animations. But can the scantily clad heroines keep up ones interest throughout their journey, or are assets all they have to offer?

Grab your sword, grab your staff

A party of representatives for the most common classes within RPGs sets out on a journey. Hotblooded Fighter, who makes the run for the most ordinary member within the group is also the leader of the same. Paladin turns out to be the one in charge of the rather questionable morals and possesses a soft spot for self-sacrifices. Sweet and shy Mage is the closest thing to a loli you will find within this anime, and theatrical Dark Elf, who is not less responsible for lewd and theatrical actions than Paladin, is the last but not least member withing this foursome. Just like your common warriors, the lightly clothed heroines seek an adventure preferably ending in fame and glory. To the watchers delight they have to deal with obstacles that everyone who has ever played an RPG can easily identify as more or less unnerving cliches.

bikini warriors2

Make it a lot, just not too much

Accompanying the protagonists on their rocky road to heroism, it gets quite obvious that this series isn’t taking itself too serious, which makes it a lot of fun to watch. Just as many times as you find yourself feeling sympathy for having had you fair share of exactly those struggles that the ladies have to overcome, they get caught up in rather sticky situations. Taking into account that the title itself is already telling us just what this might be about, the more than suggestive happenings are nothing to be surprised by, even though they do get a bit old with the increasing number of episodes. Sadly, not only does the fan service get rather bland, but it also seems as if the base material has run low, resulting in the finale being quite whimsical.


Good for some distraction

Albeit not the most demanding you can find in the huge repertory of anime, Bikini Warriors certainly is a lovely pastime that occupies close to no time. If you want to go for something lighthearted to squeeze into a packed day and seek to take your mind off more serious things, you might enjoy this series. It makes sure to willingly or unwillingly move your eyes onto its feminine charms, while catering for comic relief with situational humor and running gags. Moreover it doesn’t hurt to not have seen it all, as the main topic eventually presents itself again and again with little reluctance.

What we liked:

  • Easy and uncomplicated entertainment
  • Relatable content
  • Silly character design

What we didn’t like:

  • Repetitiveness
  • Downhill ride regarding sense



This article has been written after watching all episodes of Bikini Warriors. How did you like this series? Tell us in the comments, on Facebook, or on Twitter!

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