Razer’s Chroma series knows how to colour up your life

At this year’s gamescom, hardware developer Razer has presented us their newest series of gaming peripherals. With the Chroma series, you get the chance to redesign your gaming desk in a colourful and unique kind of way.

Rainbows on your desk

The Razer BlackWidow Chroma is a super comfortable, ultra responsive, high durability mechanical keyboard, perfectly suited for long gaming activities. With this new iteration, Razer has added colourful and variable lighting to the product, allowing you to individually program every single key. You can colour them however you want by using Razer’s complementary Software Development Kit, or just use the standard, yet impressively beautiful signature rainbow wave program. By taking advantage of 16.8 million different colours, the Chroma series knows exactly how to fit in any gaming environment. When deveolping the BlackWidow Chroma, Razer also put a lot of thought into the product’s ergonomics. It has been tested by e-sports players, as their opinion tends to be the most representitive, considering the long amounts of time they spend on their computer. The DeathAdder, Razer’s signature mouse, even allows players to adjust the sensitivity of their mouse buttons, to simply make sure they won’t trigger any action out of reaction.


With the Razer DeathAdder mouse, the Razer Firefly mousepad, the Razer Tartarus keypad, and the 7.1 headset Razer Kraken, the Chroma line-up provides players with infinite possibilities to bring colour in their gaming lifes. If you’re eager to own gaming peripherals that can turn into any colour of the RGB spectrum, there’s no way around Razer’s new products.


Are you a fan of colourful gaming peripherals? How do you like Razer’s approach on offering customisable hardware items? Tell us in the comments, on Facebook, or on Twitter!

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