Logitech still offers the best hardware for your racing experience

At this year’s gamescom, Director of Product Development Vincent Tucker showed us his latest racing gear compatible with current-gen consoles. With the G29 and the G920, the hardware company tries to deliver an outstanding gaming experience close to actual driving.

Becoming one with the street

With the new force feedback wheels, Logitech strives to improve the overall feeling of driving for simulation fans. Since people who play racing games are incredibly dedicated to the game genre, they go out and really invest in the best experience they can actually have. Logitech has a long history in working very close with Sony and PlayStation, which allowed them to create the new and fully licensed G29 for PlayStation platforms. By working with the developers of the new-gen racing games DriveClub and Project CARS, Logitech enables fans of the racing genre to really feel the road and become one with the street. Even those who haven’t made the jump to PlayStation 4 yet get the chance to use the G29 at its full capacity on PlayStation 3. However, similar to the G29, Logitech also improves ride comfort for Xbox players. Exactly like the G29, the G920 also allows players to jump between console generations.


The high fidelity force feedback is an amazing thing to have, no matter what platform. You can easily feel the street condition and learn from your mistakes, as you will instantly notice when you push your car too hard. This allows you to create some sort of consciousness for your virtual racing skills, giving you the chance to get better and better from race to race.

The G29 for PlayStation platforms is already shipping, whereas the G920 for Xbox will be available later this year, probably at the beginning of October.


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