Bloodborne – Beginner’s Guide & Tips

Bloodborne Guide

As we received our review copy for Bloodborne quite early, we want to provide you with some basic beginner’s tips in this small guide. People who thought that Dark Souls is hard will be blown away by this title. We will try to continuously add new tips, especially if you send them in. Feel free to leave a comment, or to write us on Facebook.


What is the difference between Dark Souls and Bloodborne?

Compared to Dark Souls, Bloodborne won’t give you the opportunity to upgrade your armor. However, you can upgrade your weapons, which will only require one material. Moreover, they have ditched the typical phantom mode of the genre and the influence of weight. That means you won’t be able to choose between playing either a light-weighted or heavy warrior. Also, Bloodborne does not feature any magic skills. That’s why heavy magic user of the previous Souls games might consider getting better at melee combat.

I like Dark Souls. Will I like Bloodborne?

Probably. The influences are undeniable, even though it feels a bit different. Players who love the riposting and parrying of Dark Souls will definitely enjoy Bloodborne‘s mechanics.

Can I change my stats later on?

As far as we know, there won’t be the possibility to respec your stats. All of your stat choices in Bloodborne are final.

Weapons are highly customizable

Thanks to the trick weapon system, many weapons can be used in two ways. New players are advised to use the axe or the saw cleaver, two weapons that are easy to handle. Always keep your primary weapon upgraded and don’t fear to grind for experience if you’re too weak to beat a boss. Gems allow you to improve your weapons further by adding effects. As they are fully exchangeable without wasting them, you can confidently experiment with these upgrades.

Bloodborne Boss

Use your firearm correctly

Firearms deal very low damage, are low on ammo and are usually placed in your character’s left hand. Using them is crucial for staggering your opponent and thus being able to inflict massive damage and win battles. Make sure to shoot in the middle of the enemy’s attack animation. The window in which you can effectively stagger your enemy is quite short, so you will need some time figuring that out. Be patient, it will definitely pay off!

Another good way of staggering your enemy besides this Visceral Attack, is to simply charge your heavy attack. That’s a pretty good way to attack from behind.

Stay aggressive

Regain let’s you regenerate health after taking a strike. As soon as your character glows while retaliating, do not wait and attack back. This will cause your health bar to refill, sometimes even completely.

Ring the bell

Before giving up on an almost invincible boss, you can ring the Beckoning Bell to call for the help of a friend, or a random stranger. This will cost you Insight, another currency besides the standard Blood Echoes. As you will accumulate more than enough Insight by progressing through the game, feel free to experiment with this useful co-op feature.


Do you want to share any tips with us? Drop them in the comments, or send them to us on Facebook!

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