Final Fantasy Type-0 HD – Beginner’s Guide & Tips

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In this beginner’s guide we will teach you how to get the best weapons, how to level up as fast as possible, how to choose the right teammates and basically everything you need to know before you start your own journey in Final Fantasy Type-0 HD.



Free Time

Things you need to know



Stay agile

Dodging is surely the most important thing you can do during fights against weaker or tougher enemies. So you should definitely unlock the evasion-based skills like Accelerate, Triple Slip, Slip Stream and Untouchable with every character before you spend your APs to learn their command abilities.

Check out our character guide to learn how to use and skill your characters.

Adjust your team

As you are able to choose three different characters to go on missions, it is extremely important to select the right characters. You should always choose a supporter (like Rem, Queen or Deuce), a ranged fighter (like Trey or King) and a more melee orientated character to be able to defeat every kind of enemy in Final Fantasy Type-0. Especially primed characters (these cadets will have a shiny golden frame around their name) are a great choice to start a mission, as they will inflict additional physical and magical damage. This Primed status will vary, depending on the level of the cadets within the party.

ff type-0 hd primed

Change your teammates

You won’t be able to get far in this game by choosing the same three characters over and over again. Characters will only gain EXP if they are fighting on the battlefield, so make sure to level all of your characters equally to be prepared if one of your characters die.

Avoid the Game Over screen

If you have a hard time completing a mission and you are seconds away from losing all of your team members press the MENU or options button and choose to abort this mission. This way you will return safely from the mission and your characters will also keep their gained EXP.


SOs are mini challenges that will pop up during your missions once you’ve allowed them by talking to the INFO icon guy in the Sorcery room of Akademeia. It is up to you to accept or decline an incoming challenge, although you will receive a temporary buff to help you complete the challenge. Each completed SO will gain you additional rewards or even Eidolons/special prices after completing the whole mission. But keep in mind that failing a SO means instant death for your active leader, so accept these challenges only if you’re sure that you can make it. All SOs have to be completed in a given time in the areas they pop up.



At the beginning of each mission you are able to allow Support Personnel to join your party to help you complete missions. These characters will replace your allies and destroy your thoughtful selected party line-up. But don’t panic, you’ll be rewarded. Each Support Personnel gathers Support Personnel Points (SPP) over time and by defeating enemies. You will be credited with these points after a SP leaves the battlefield, but they will lose their SPP reserves if they die. Complete the mission to get your accumulated SPPs. Talk to one of the INFO icon guys in the Central Command room to spend your points to buy accessories and weapons for your characters. These SPPs are necessary to buy the best weapons in the first playthrough.

FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 HD_20150319191716

Nevertheless you should only allow SP Support if you really want to farm SPPs by repeating missions via the Mission option on the Title Screen, as it can be quite tough to complete a new mission with NPCs you can’t control.

ff type-0 hd SPP


Free time

What is free time?

Between your story missions you are able to complete different side events and tasks to gain items and EXP. You can see at the lower right corner how much time you have to complete several side tasks. The only way to spend these hours is by starting events/interacting with characters with a exclamation point above their head (2 hours) , leaving the Akademeia (6 hours) or doing one of the incredibly tough Expert Trials (12 hours/ a full day in FF Type-0). You can also instantly give up all your free time and start the next story mission by talking to one of the INFO icon guys in the Central Command room.

ff type-0 hd free time

Don’t stress yourself

FF Type-0 is made for several playthroughs, so you won’t be able to complete all the events, tasks or Expert trials this game offers you in your first playthrough.

How to invest your free time

It is basically up to you what events or tasks you want to do. It is always best to complete all the tasks that you can do without leaving the city, as they won’t take your precious time.

FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 HD_20150319191114

Nontheless, the most important thing is to make sure that you complete all of Moglin’s events/lessons before choosing your other side activities. These lessons are one of the easiest ways to level your characters, as they will gain each cadet permanent stat boosts or a huge amount of EXP.


Things you need to know

Save your game, goddammit !

This tip is definitely crucial for every Final Fantasy game out there and every gamer who’ve played a bunch of these games will tell you the same. Save frequently and create different save slots as well. There will come the moment where you will recognize that you’ve missed an important item, a task or an unique opportunity and you will hate yourself for not creating a bunch of different save slots.

ff type-0 hd save goddammit

How to level up your characters

As I’ve mentioned above, you should level all of your characters equally. The easiest and best way to level all of your characters at the same time is to interact with Moglin, your personal class Moogle, and start all of his lessons in your free time. This way all of your characters will get a huge amount of EXP or permanent stat boosts.

The other leveling method is to start the Secret Training at Akademeia’s Arena after you’ve unlocked it. This way your active leader will be starting a training session on his own to gain EXP. The only thing you have to do is save your game and return to the Title screen. Every two hours your selected character will get a huge amount of EXP, but make sure to stop the training session after 24 hours, as your cadet won’t get any more experience points after reaching this mark. But here’s the thing, you don’t have to wait to do that. This feature offers you an infinite EXP exploit. You can level your characters to level 99 within minutes by setting the Xbox One’s or PS4’s clock forward by a day and loading your Secret Training save file afterwards.

Use the item Growth Egg to double your received EXP. Take a look at the next paragraph to learn how to get this precious item.

final fantasy type-0 hd level trick

The longer you play, the better are your rewards

On  the Fountain Courtyard you can talk to a Moogle with an INFO icon above his head who is flying right before Akademeia’s entrance. This little guy will reward you once you’ve invested a certain amount of time in Final Fantasy Type-0. You will get the last amazing item after 500 hours.

After 50 hours of playtime you will get the item Growth Egg, which doubles your EXP reward. Use it in combination with the Secret Training method mentioned above to speed things up.

Hours Reward Description
10 hours Magic: Avoid Automatically consume MP in order to dodge enemy attacks
30 hours Ribbon Prevents Burn, Freeze, Shock, Silence, Poison, and Stop
50 hours Growth Egg Doubles EXP received
70 hours Regal Crown Doubles max MP and increases all Magic by 40
100 hours Warlock’s Headdress Increases all Magic by 60
200 hours Soul of Thamasa Increases all Magic by 100
500 hours Super Ribbon Prevents Death and all other status ailments


ff type-0 hd rewards over time

How to get the best weapons in the game (first playthrough)

As FF Type-0 HD is made for several playthroughs, you will have to finish the story at least two times to get the best weapons in the game. To get the best weapons during the first playthrough you will have to farm a lot of SPPs. Defeat 300 opponents with Killsight hits with each cadet to unlock his/her weapon in the SPP shop in the Central Command room. After that you have to spend 5000 SPPs to buy one of these weapons.



Take a look at our Eidolon guide to know how to unlock each one of them. Check out our our character guide to know how to use each Class Zero cadet.

If you want to grab all the hidden items and SO rewards, take a look at our walkthrough.

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  • wrath

    Hey! Thanks for all the info ! But for the hours played Moogle I am curious when does he appear? I mean he is there but with no info Icon and I have almost 60 hours played. Is it chapter specific or did you need to do an Event of his before it appears?

    • brickpowder

      Hmm… to be honest I have no idea if you have to be in a certain chapter to be able to talk to him. I got his first reward in Chapter 3, hope that helps.

      • wrath

        Ah, Thank you for the reply! I’m kind of over grinding a bit and even the worthless guide book said as much somewhere so I kept checking but the option has yet to appear, at least in chapter 2.

        Perhaps it just starts in chapter 3. Thank you again!

  • lesliejerry

    you can talk to moglin after the main mission. only during those times the icon will be displayed. so after you completed a mission proceed directly to the classroom and talk to moglin before doing any sidequest or combat missions that will consume the in game day and time. good luck

  • Biggbos

    This is a fking real guide not other shits i see on the net. You do a Great Job amazing

    • Dominik Jersabeck

      Thank you very much!

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