Helldivers – Beginner’s Guide & Tips

Helldivers Title Screen PS4

After Helldivers’ exclusive launch on PlayStation 4 and Vita, it’s now time to get rid of masses of nasty aliens. As the twin-stick shooter tends to be really tough at some times, we want to provide you with an easier start with this beginner’s guide and tips.

Play with your friends

It is not only more fun to play in co-op, it also makes the game a lot easier. However, I can’t recommend four-player co-op, since friendly fire really becomes a problem when a lot is happening on the screen. I for myself found two-player co-op to be the most enjoyable – and most effective – way to play Helldivers, whereas three players easily becomes confusing without the right amount of communication, not to speak about four-player co-op.

Friendly fire is dangerous

Your weapons deal massive damage to your team mates. Try to communicate before you approach a group of enemies. The best way to avoid friendly fire is to divide the screen into parts, so that each player has his own responsibilities. Be careful, even your turrets and the Exosuit shots can deal heavy damage to your friends!

Helldivers Bug Attack Screenshot

Careful reloading

In Helldivers, reloading your magazine will cause the the rest of it to be lost. Therefore, it is best to reload when the magazine is empty. The best way to manage this, is to communicate with your team mates.

Coordinate stratagems

Since you will probably play with other players, it is crucial to coordinate the stratagems you choose. At least one should equip the ammo stratagem, as this resource can become scarce very quickly. Yes, ammo is limited in this game, and you will soon notice that.


You will have a very short amount of time between the moment an enemy detects you and the moment he sets off an alarm. This will be signalized by red flashing lights. If you can handle to be quick enough to kill him before he is able to call for reinforcement, you will have a much easier time. Alarmed enemies do not only attract others, they actually spawn new ones.

Helldivers PS4 Screenshot Snow

Watch the sky

Air drops are a big thing in Helldivers. They can kill yourself in a blink, if you don’t take care of the timers. Also, if tactically placed, they can be used as a sort of grenade against enemies. You wouldn’t have thought of that, huh?


The Exosuit is a pretty mighty weapon in the game, but he is also a good way to distract enemies while fulfilling your objective, or ending the mission. Just leave the Exosuit and your enemies will still attack the suit, if you place it close enough.

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