Dying Light – Beginner’s Guide & Tips

Dying Light Guide

Beginnings can be tough, especially when playing a game that features different skill trees. After playing Dying Light for a quite a while, we gathered some tips to provide you with an easier start.

Falling damage is lethal

As the parkour mechanics are a big part of the game, falling damage has been integrated. Make sure to land on cars, garbage piles, awnings or even infected to avoid this damage. In the very beginnings, the mechanics of climbing might appear hard to learn. Just remember to always look at the edge you want to climb up to.

Three skill trees

Dying Light includes not only one, but three different skill trees. The survival rank gives you access to supporting abilities, new blueprints, more equipment offered in shops and useful gadgets. It can be increased by completing quests, side missions and challenges. The power rank increases when fighting in direct combat and gives you new abilities for managing it even better. If you engage a lot in parkour, your agility rank will rise, allowing you to outrun your opponents. Make sure to use your perks early, as they provide you with massive fun and will definitely improve your overall experience.

A baseball bat is the better assault rifle

As ammo tends to be scarce, you should rather focus on collecting and upgrading melee weapons. However, if you use shooting weapons, be aware of the massive crowds you are luring. The infected are overly reactive to noise.

Dying Light Infinite Money

Good night, good luck

Encountering infected at night is utterly dangerous, as they move much quicker and tend to be way more aggressive. Moreover, there are several night exclusive enemy types that are hard to face. However, fighting them at night will grant you double agility and power points. Being outside of safe zones will also raise your survival rank. At the point when you finish the prologue and the message appears that co-op is enabled, day time will last forever, until you initiate the next story mission. You can use this time to loot, level up and prepare for the following nights.

Weapons will break

As in Dead Island, weapons will have a very limited durability. Save your best weapons for hard fights, or use this exploit to either duplicate them for later usage or for creating an infinite money source by selling them at the shop. You can always dismantle broken weapons to gain some additional weapon parts.

Kick them like Beckham!

If you want to get some distance to a enemy use the kick button. That will grant you some time to recover, without losing stamina.

Get your secret weapon

You can easily obtain one of the best weapons of the game right from the beginning. This guide shows you where to find it and here’s EXPcalibur in action.

Secure safe zones

Safe zones will appear red on your map when not secured. After clearing them, you will spawn there after dying and you can use them to save at night, when the tower appears to be too far away.

How to fast travel?

Sadly, this game lacks a fast travel feature. The only point from where you actually can initiate fast travel is when you look at the one map, which is hanging in the tower.

Loot the hell out of this city!

Don’t forget to search your surroundings for chests, refrigerators and cabinets to find different objects. Like in every other RPG, the colour of the objects indicates item rarity. Beginning with white for common, green indicates an uncommon object, blue items are rare, violet ones are exceptionally rare and orange things are legendary. Remember to have enough lockpicks in your backpack, in case you need one for opening containers.


We will add more tips while progressing further through the game. If you have anything to add, make sure to let us know in the comments, or on Facebook!

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