How to win the first Blitzball game in Final Fantasy X


It isn’t hard to win the first Blitzball game, even for beginners it’s not as tough as you think. Therefore, we want to provide you with a few tips and tricks to beat the Luca Goers within a few tries.

What does winning the cup get me?

When you win the first tournament, you will earn a Strength Sphere. Furthermore, you will have an easier time in the later Blitzball games.

How should I play?

In the first half, the safest way to play is to keep passing. Just pass between your undefended players without any interruption. It’s important to pass Tidus the ball a few times, as you will need a higher level to perform his tech shots. Also keep in mind to switch to Manual A controls and the normal mode. In the second half, try using the sides of the field and clever passing to get near the goal. Use Tidus’ tech shot before the clock hits 3 minutes, Wakka will come in after that. His tech shots also aren’t bad, you can also use him to score if you didn’t manage to shoot a goal with Tidus. When you’re in the lead, you can return to your passing strategy and let the time run out.

Should I use Sphere Shot or Jecht Shot?

Sphere Shot is the standard ability of Tidus. It gives you a higher chance to score compared to a standard shot, but if you’re really having troubles, we recommend using Jecht Shot. This technique gives you a guaranteed goal, but as it uses almost all of Tidus’ HP, you can only use it once. You can equip Jecht Shot during the halftime.

This video should make your attempts a lot easier:

Another option is shown in following video. When you’re near your own goal, nobody will attack you.

We hope this guide helped you. If you have anything to add, or further questions, you can contact us on our Facebook.

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