How to form the perfect team early in Pokémon X and Y


Pokémon X and Y make it a lot easier to get your perfect team early, as the games provide you with two different starters. Therefore, it is possible to obtain 2 of the 3 main-types fire, water and grass in the early game. We would recommend you take the starter you like best and then you choose the Pokémon that covers your own starters’ weaknesses when you get your generation 1 starter.

Early game, 2 starters, awesome. But how do we continue? Well it’s quite up to you, but here are our recommendations.

  1. Chespin/Froakie/Fennekin
  2. Bulbasaur/Squirtle/Charmander
  3. Honedge
  4. Amaura
  5. Fletchling
  6. Eevee/Sylveon

Bonus: Lapras, Snorlax

On Route 6, one of the earlier roads in the game, you can find Honedge, a Steel/Ghost hybrid Pokemon. His first form is nothing to write home about, but it will evolve into Doublade, which has much higher Defense and Attack stats. With a Dusk Stone, you can easily evolve it to its final form, Aegislash, whose Defense is gigantic. Its twin types help a lot in the endgame, as it’s really effective against the last three gym leaders, using Fairy, Psychic and Ice-type Pokémon.


The next Pokémon we would recommend is Amaura, one of this generation’s fossil Pokémon. You get it a few hours into the game, before you get your second badge. Its later evolution, Aurorus, has huge HP as well as Special Attack and Special Defense stats. His ability, Refrigerate, turns normal type moves into ice type moves, which can be pretty handy in some situations. Its Ice/Rock type is really helpful across your journey, up to the Pokémon League.


One of the first Pokémon you’ll encounter is Fletchling. We were really surprised, when it evolved and got a fire type as its second one. Its speed stat is incredibly high, while the rest of its stats are also very usable. It is only weak against Water-, Electric- and Rock-type moves. You can also teach him the HM 2 Fly, which brings you to places you have visited before AND is also a really strong attack. And, needless to say, it looks absolutely badass!

Pokemon-Talonflame Wild_Fletchling_Encounter_Pokemon_X_&_Y

Getting an Eevee early in the game isn’t hard. On route 10 there are bushes with yellow flowers, in which you have a higher probability of encountering an Eevee. We would recommend that you train it to evolve into a Sylveon later on, because the new fairy type is very helpful and Sylveon can be really strong. The only thing is, it takes some time to evolve Eevee into Sylveon, you gotta have a full bar of hearts in the Pokémon-Amie minigame and pet it and feed it for a while to get there. If you have done this, and your Eevee knows a fairy-type move, you can level it up and it should evolve to Sylveon. With those Pokémon you should be able to face the enemies in the storyline without any problems.

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Another great Pokémon you get kind of early in the game is Lapras. You get it as a gift from a man, right outside Coumarine City, who will give you his Lapras, because he can’t take care of it anymore. In case you didn’t choose a water-type Pokémon so far, this is the Pokémon to go! It has really good overall stats and some strong special attacks. It also helped me quite a lot with the Elite Four. And if you surf on it, you see that you actually surf on it!


Last, but not least, there’s Snorlax. Old-school Pokémon players will know, why we chose it, but for those of you, who just started or simply don’t know what the hell we’re talking about, we’ll explain it. First of all, you’ll encounter Snorlax as part of the game progress automatically. Precisely, it’s on Route 7, blocking the way as usual. Now to the good part. Thanks to its normal type, it has only one weakness against fighting-type moves. Its HP are astronomically high, with his Attack and Special Defense stat being his second highest stats. So you need pretty much to kill a fully trained Snorlax, which can be a pain for most players.

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Here’s our equivalent to this guide for Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

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  • Solstice (Bas Oosterling)

    Not to forget Gardevoir, with its Psychic/Fairy-type and Moonblast, thunderbolt and psychic attacks as well as fairly good base stats. Not to mention I had really good experience with Roserade, but you need to evolve Budew into Roselia with high friendship and into Roserade with a Shiny Stone. Its Petal Dance and Giga Drain really saved me many times though and it had good stats. This post is really helpful!

  • Jaxson Bateman

    I realise it’s an old post, but seeing as I just did a few speed runs to get each of the legendary birds that are gen 6 native, I thought I’d comment.

    Best Kalos starter: Fenniken. While all 3 starters are solid, and Greninja is almost surely the best of the 3 in competitive play, in solo play Delphox is where it’s at. Fire + Psychic gives it STAB moves that are at *least* neutral effectiveness against all but certain dark and psychic types (basically, dark and psyc pokes that resist fire). Give it Shadow Ball and Dazzling Gleam once you get the TMs, and it has perfect neutral coverage, combined with awesome speed and SpAtk stats. However, as long as you just give it the two STABs (probably with Flamethrower + Psychic or Psyshock) it’ll be viable in more than enough situations.

    Honestly, for the Kanto starter, take Bulbasaur or Squirtle initially, but swap it out for Lapras when you get to that point (should be the last poke on this list that you get). Neither poke offers enough coverage compared to other options you get.

    Honedge: thoroughly agree with the assessment. When you’ve got a poke that’s OU/ubers material, you know it’s going to be godly in singe player. Basically, extreme defense when you want it to be, extreme attack otherwise, great typing, can attack off of either physical or special, and learns great moves for ghost and fighting – with that combination giving it perfect neutral coverage.

    Lucario: if you skip the Kalos starter like I mentioned, you’re going to have room on your team for a mega-evolver. Lucario fills the spot nicely. Comes in at an appropriate level, and with the stone. Has great physical and special attack stats, and you can teach it either Shadow Claw + Close Combat (as well as Power Up Punch for a boost), or Shadow Ball + Aura Sphere (best combination for neutral coverage on the special side in the game, IMO, but lacks ghost STAB). You get a second steel type, and you should give it a steel move for the 2x STAB when you mega-evolve, and honestly double dipping on steel is fine.

    Lapras: pretty bulky and good special attack. Can learn Psychic (great for neutral coverage), Surf and Ice Beam as STABs, and Thunderbolt. One of the best water types you can get, especially considering that you don’t have a lot of water choice before getting the Good Rod – which you get after you need to Surf in the first place.

    Hawlucha: another double dip on a type (fighting – which isn’t bad), Hawlucha gives you a poke that can learn Fly (as well as Cut and Strength if need be, rounding out your HM needs with Lapras), has great attack and speed, and between Acrobatics (TM) and Hi Jump Kick/Flying Press has some very solid STAB moves.

    Final slot: Abra, Ralts, Axew or Bagon. Go with one of the first two if you want another special attacker on your team. Gardevoir gains access to two really good STAB moves (Psychic + Moonblast), and has good overall coverage. Alakazam has better offensive stats (higher SpAtk and speed), and can learn Focus Blast unlike Gardevoir, giving it access to that coveted ghost (Shadow Ball) + fighting perfect neutral coverage. Salamence and Haxorus are the two earliest dragons you can get, and dragon is still one of the best types in the game, being neutral or better against everything but steel and fairy. They have great coverage, and with the right TMs can get perfect neutral coverage.

  • Benji15

    As long as you level up well enough you can put together whatever team you deem cool!

    I’ve gone with the following
    1) Greninja
    2) Charizard (Mega Evolve into X)
    3) Lucario (Mega Evolve)
    4) Krookodile
    5) Leafeon
    6) Goodra

    I’ve used other Pokemon along the way such as snorlax, Talonflame etc. I just enjoy this team th

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